Best Souvenirs from Jamaica

Jamaica is one of those places that will be on your mind long after you leave, and you will always remember the stunning waterfalls or beautiful beaches. But sometimes the memory isn't enough, and you want something physical to remind you of the awesome times you had in Jamaica.
Key chains, t-shirts, shot glasses and fridge magnets are cool and all, but wouldn't you want to take home something that is truly amazing and unique to Jamaica? If so, here are our top six Jamaican souvenirs to take home with you.
Wood Carvings. Jamaica is home to many talented and ingenious artisans, so it's no wonder the most popular Jamaican souvenirs are wood carvings made from the island's native cedar and mahogany trees. The carvings can range from cute and funny to downright naughty, not to mention they come in all shapes and sizes.
Rum. Not that you need a reason to bring rum home, but here is one anyway. Contrary to the popular belief that alcohol is the cause of many illnesses, rum actually has medicinal health benefits, like lowering the risk of cancer, keeping diabetes at bay and so much more. But it's like I said, you don't need a reason to bring home sweet and smooth tasting Jamaican rum. The most popular Jamaican rum brand is Appleton Estate Rum!
Blue Mountain Coffee. Jamaica's Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most expensive and sought after coffees in the world, and for good reason. This naturally sweet coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at an elevation of 3,000 feet or higher. Due to this, the coffee bean is denser making for a richer, smoother, and sweeter cup of coffee. Blue Mountain Coffee is the perfect souvenir to take home if you enjoy good coffee.
Jerk Spices. Once you have dug your teeth into some real authentic Jamaican jerk, not only are you going to fall in love, you are going to want to eat it as often as possible when you are at home! So what better way to satisfy your cravings and recreate your favorite Jamaican dish, than by purchasing some Jerk Spices!
Jamaican Root Tonic. Root tonics is a type of drink made from medicinal plants, herbs, roots and tree bark; and is an important part of Jamaica’s ethnomedical heritage. This decoction is said to not only improve one’s health, build strength and vitality, but also increase sex drive! As the Jamaicans say, one Root tonic a day keeps the doctor away!
So if you are looking for a real, and truly authentic Jamaican souvenir, we recommend getting a few bottles of Root Tonic as it will not only remind you of Jamaica, but also stimulate and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.