Days in Oslo

The dream of visiting the fjords of Norway often begins in the country's capital of Oslo. Offering the typical Scandinavian combination of culture and comfort, Oslo is the perfect place to find your feet in Norway. This Oslo itinerary will guide you through what to see in the city, when to visit, and how to get around. With three days there, you'll explore all the best places to visit in Oslo and get a feel for exactly what makes it special. As you move from one sight to the next, you'll get to see the city center as well as other parts of Oslo, like the area around Frogner Park and the Bygdøy peninsula. There's even time to venture beyond the city limits of Oslo and explore other parts of Norway closeby.
Royal Palace. Begin your day outside the Oslo Royal Palace which is at the top of the long city boulevard- Karl Johans Street. This elegant palace is home to Norway's Royal Family and is their residence as well as their workplace for matters of state. The building was completed in 1849 and overlooks the steep park that runs down towards the city center. During summer it's possible for tourists to visit inside the palace, taking a tour of state rooms and the glamorous ballroom.
Oslo Cathedral. Make your way down into the heart of the city and you'll soon find yourself standing in front of the historic Oslo Cathedral. The cathedral was built at the end of the 17th century after the great fire of 1624 caused Oslo to be shifted to its current position. While its brick exterior is quite simple, the stunning Baroque interior that was restored in the 50s tells a different story.
Oslo Opera House. Located down on the harbor waterfront, when the Oslo Opera House was finished in 2008 it gave the city another modern addition to its ever-changing image. With sloped embankments leading down to the water, the gleaming white Opera House looks like it's slowly emerging out of the harbor. There are plenty of eye-catching abstract elements inside as well, like the waving wood wall, plus you can freely wander around the roof of the Opera House and enjoys its city views.
Akershus Fortress. Following the city’s waterfront west from the Opera House you’ll soon find one of the city’s most remarkable historical landmarks – the Akershus Fortress. This medieval castle has protected the city of Oslo since its completion in the 14th century and was never once taken while under siege. Visitors to the fortress are freely able to walk around the surrounding grounds and admire the fortress defenses. Visiting inside the castle is possible in summer on a guided tour. Within the fortress you’ll also find the Armed Forces Museum and Norway’s Resistance Museum which cover Norway’s military history and WWII, respectively.
You can see so much of Oslo in 3 days, plus a little extra of Norway on the side. Hopefully, this Oslo itinerary will show you just how much you can fit into your brief getaway. This little taste will make you even more curious about discovering what else Norway has to offer!