Reach Falls: The Unspoiled Beauty of Jamaica

Reach Falls in Portland is a great example of some of the breathtaking natural beauties that Jamaica has to offer. It’s a must visit while in Jamaica and is by far one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. Reach Falls is an hour ride from Port Antonio’s city center. However, before you get to the falls you will reach a fork where you will be asked by a local whether you’d like to go to the government owned part of the Reach Falls or the locally owned part of the falls. See, I know your initial thought would be to go with what you think is the “safer and better” option, i.e. the government owned part but you couldn’t be more wrong!
The local tour to the Reach Falls is worth it for several reason: You support the locals. The money goes straight to the locals and not the government.
You get to interact with locals and get a real, authentic experience of the falls. When in Jamaica, do as the Jamaicans do. (Or something like that :D)
The locally owned part of the Reach Falls is way less crowded with tourists than the he government owned part.
It can be cheaper than the general admissions fee depending on your negotiation skills. Ben and I chose to go with a local guide and he did such a great job guiding us and taking pictures.
So support the locals and go with a local guide to the Reach Falls.If you choose to do the local tour know that you will not have access to the government owned side of the falls where the tallest waterfall is located but no worries you still get to see it:)